Full Fan Development Report

Want details? A detailed summary of the performance of the fan against other common flat-bladed fan types is available on-line within a detailed research report given below:

Full Fan Development Project Report

Comparative testing of the initial prototype Gossamer fan has been conducted in a specially designed test laboratory at FSEC. The graph below shows how measured air velocities and power use of several commercially available fans compare with the Gossamer 52" fan. Note that the Gossamer produces as much air flow as the conventional premium fan with the largest motor (Emerson 4852), but uses only about 53% of the power. Not only is it twice as efficient, but it produces the greater air flow more quietly (6 dB lower) as evidenced by test with a sensitive acoustic meter.

Previous FSEC research on ceiling fan impact on energy use, and the shortcomings of conventional fans and their controls, can be found at:


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